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Raising Awareness

Supporting Patients

Funding Research

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Why Not Bid on One of These Many Silent Auction Items!
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Silent Auction will be found at from September 20, 2019-October 3, 2019

Patients need support as do their care partners. That support can come in a number of ways but one of the best is to help raise awareness of this disease. Raising awareness is quite important; without it there will be no chance to find a treatment or cure for this disease.

Research to find a treatment and/or cure for MSA has made great strides. This graphic shows the most current treatments in pre-clinical and clinical trials. The hope is one of these will successfully make it through the clinical trial process and be approved. An example is the top treatment which treats one specific symptom many MSA patients have.

MSA Treatment Graphic

There is a GoFundMe page set up at

EC Scott and Smoke will be coming to play in Peoria, October 3, 2019. We want to help them with the trip because once they're here, they will be treated like the blues superstars they are. Any support from people in the MSA and/or blues community to help bring them to Peoria will be appreciated. Please click the following link: Beat MSA Blues Concert & Fundraiser

Want to start a fundraising event? Go to and check out the helpful information you'll find there.

Want to join a support group and become a part of the MSA community. Go to and find the support group nearest to you. Call beforehand and you'll soon find yourself a member.

Want to become a supporter of an upcoming Gettin' the Word Out! event?

If “yes” contact: Larry Kellerman, (309) 634 6357,

Let's beat this disease! Become a Rare Disease Warrior today!


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